(Body) Work in progress, 2018

Stoppers, Box and beech wood, 2018

Vomiting Heads, Screen-print on cotton, 2017

Heavy and Awkward, Screen-print on paper, Edition of 5, 545x750mm, 2017

Feeling in the Eyes, Vinyl on glass window, 35 x 45 cm, Central House Assembly, Openfield Residency, London Metropolitan University, 2017

Corporate Heads, Screen-print on fabric, 135 x 185cm, Central House Assembly, Open field Residency,

London Metropolitan University, 2017 

Chewing Gum on the pavement (Print Prototype), 2017 

Divisive Mat,  Vinyl text on cotton, 2016

Plan for a Seat, BackRoom Space, Screen Print on Textile and wooden dowel, 2016

(Untitled), Performance involving two sets of cards with text. The performer has to try make to card towers, one pack has positive and affirmative words whilst the other has negative and derogative words. Digital Print on Paper 10 x 15 cm, Soiree 310NXR Gallery, 2015

Here, Performance involving two 100 cm diameter mirrors, two performers entered the space and rotated the mirrors in the direction of the 'audience' in a loosely choreographed movement, the low level of lighting meant the line between the mirrors and the background merged with the aim of disorientating the viewers and distorting the surrounding architecture, Liberspace Dance Studios, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013

0.55, Collaboration with Adam Watts and Michael Denyer, No Format Gallery, Screen-print on Fabric 5 x 9m 2013

0.55, Collaboration with Adam Watts and Michael Denyer, No Format Gallery, Screen-print on Fabric ,5 x 9m (Detail), 2013

Workshop to co-inside with an exhibition by Simon and Tom Bloor, Children were invited to alter and change posters of cityscapes and architecture, Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2012